British Home Child Information Sheet
BHC Registry ID #: 1
Claimed: Yes (1)
Name & Birth
Surname: SNOWGiven Names: Frederick George
Born:17 September 1909Gender:Male
Born at:2 Larch Road, Balham, London, Surrey, England
Surname Adopted: A.K.A. Surnames:
Given Names Adopted: A.K.A. Given Names:
Died: 17 September 1994 Age at death: 85
Died at: Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
Cemetery Location:
Cemetery Plot: Find-A-Grave ID:
Sending or Escorting Organization: Waifs & Strays Society
Canadian Distribution Home Name/Address: Gibbs' Home, Sherbrooke, Quebec
Age at Emigration: 15 Ship Sailed: Andania
Departure Date: 03 April 1925 Port of Departure: Southampton
Arrival Date: 12 April 1925 Port of Arrival: Halifax
UK Boys/Girls Home Name/Address: St. Augustine's Home for Boys, St. Johns Road, Sevenoaks, Kent, England
UK Workhouse/Union Name/Address:
Start Date End Date Placed With / Indentured To Placement Location
Surname Given Name
Year Country Prov/State Address, City Head of Household Relationship to Head
Spouse 1
Surname: PERRY Given Names: Gertrude Mabel
Born: 1913Born at:Minnedosa, Manitoba, Canada
Died:18 November 2000Died at:Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
Married:05 September 1935Married at:Port Arthur, Ontario, Canada
Biological Parents
Biological Father
Surname: SNOW Given Names: William Henry
Born:29 April 1883Born at:23 Shirley Grove, Wandsworth, Battersea, Surrey, England
Died:24 January 1959Died at:Hampstead, Middlesex, England
Biological Mother
Surname: GIFFORD Given Names: Anne
Born:25 June 1878Born at:4 Patmore Street, Battersea, Surrey, England
Died:10 August 1954Died at:Lambeth, Surrey, England
Biological Parents' Marriage Details
Married: Married at:
BHC ID Surname Given Names
BHC ID Surname Given Names
Military Service
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Next of Kin: NoK Relationship:
Next of Kin Address:
In LAC BHC Index (travel) as Frederick G SNOW, age 15

Record Title: Alphabetical Lists of Boy Emigrants to Canada, 1920 to 1935 inclusive: Frederick G. SNOW - Date of Birth: 1909-09-17 - Year of Arrival: 1925 - Date of Arrival: 1925-04-13 - Sent by: Church of England Waifs & Strays - Destination: Gibb Home, Sherbrooke, Quebec - Notes: The list contains no other details about this boy --- Source: Library and Archives Canada - Database Item Number: 140576

1913-1922 UK Foster Home: Anna Smith, Rumburgh, Halesworth, Suffolk

Rejected for WW2 service due to mangled arm injured while at indenture, and mangled toes due to wearing ill fitting women's boots while in foster care. --- Source: Descendant

Frederick's son, Perry SNOW, has written a book in memory of his father titled "Neither Waif nor Stray: The Search For A Stolen Identity" which may be downloaded free in .pdf format from the following web page: Hard copies may be purchased at book stores.


BIO (To be relocated to bio section of this Registry; not yet online) -- In 1913 Frederick Snow, at 3 1/2 years of age, was forcibly removed from his home by the Church of England Society for Providing Homes for Waifs and Strays. He never saw his family again. They pinned a nametag on his shirt, and put him on a train alone for the 3-hour trip to impoverished foster parents (a Mrs. M. Smith) in Rumburgh, Halesworth, Suffolk. When he was 12, he was transferred to St. Augustine's Home for Boys in Sevenoaks, Kent. When he was 15, he was given the "choice" of emigrating to Canada or Australia. Staying in England was not an option given to him, as, to his caretakers, he was an unwanted commodity to be exported. In 1925, Fred Snow, 15, arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, along with a group of 24 boys en route to Gibbs' Distributing Home in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada. He worked as an indentured farm labourer for 16 hours a day on farms in Ontario and Quebec. Many of his peers were not allowed contact with their Masters' families and had to sleep in the barn. Many were not allowed to attend school nor entitled to medical care. Many were unpaid for their labour. When he was 18 years old and no longer "in care" he wrote his first letter to the Waifs and Strays. He pleaded with them to "help someone who is living in darkness, and does not know who he is." He did not have a birth certificate, did not know who his parents were, why he was taken into care, or if he had any siblings. He continued to write to them for information about his family for the next 50 years. He wrote his last letter in 1984 was he was 75 years old. He died at age 85 on his unconfirmed birthday September 17, 1994. Fred Snow died "living in darkness" and "not knowing who he was." -- Author: Perry SNOW